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You can join us for a class anytime without reserving your space in advance. However, some classes are busy, so we do encourage you to sign up in advance if you can to secure your space. To reserve your space on the timetable below, you will first need to have a class pass on your account which you can purchase through our booking page here. If you already have class passes, you will be prompted to log into your account using your e-mail before registering for a class.


Class Types

The different yoga styles and classes can be overwhelming when you are starting out. Here’s a guide to help you navigate your way around the different yoga classes.  If you’re insure about which class to choose, ask us and we will assist you!


A full-spectrum approach to embody the true essence of yoga (Tantra + Hatha + Ayurveda). An accessible, all-levels style of yoga that emphasises on working with the Earth’s elements and Prana (life force energy/breath) to energise and heal while moving through creative sequences. Learn to balance power and softness in your practice as you move from dynamic postures to slower controlled stretches. Expect inspiring music, pranayama (breathwork), strength building asanas (postures) and deep meditations. Come ready to move, breathe and feel amazing!


A classic foundational yoga class focused on the fundamental principles of yoga. Taking you through posture to posture at a steady pace, proper breathing and attention to alignment of the poses. At these mid-tempo classes, you will ignite the body and mind as well as cultivate body awareness. This is an excellent class for all levels, great either to start your yoga journey or refine your regular yoga practice. All levels and new practitioners are encouraged to take this class.


Vinyasa an accessible, all-levels style of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in body and mind. From the Sanskrit ‘to place in a special way’, Vinyasa aligns a sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow. At these up-tempo classes expect music and ‘hands on’ adjustments to ensure you get maximum benefit from your practice. In these often more demanding classes you may build up a sweat, and through a coordination of breath and movement you might come to enter a serene state of meditative flow and connectedness. You’ll flow, smile and walk away feeling lighter and energized.


A deep meditation practice holding postures for 5-10 minutes, working into the connective tissues (yin) as opposed to muscle tissues (yang). Yin yoga complements an active lifestyle, lengthens contracted muscles, and is based on Chinese meridian theory. It is a floor-based practice that releases fascia, targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine whilst attuning to the senses and subtle body. Benefits include increase in energy, increased flexibility, deep relaxation and feeling more stable (from calming the overactive nervous system or an increase in parasympathetic nervous system activity). Our Yin classes are practiced in the warmth. Suitable for all levels.


Ashtanga Yoga derives from the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Challenging in its nature, the Ashtanga classes at Optimum You Yoga are based on the Primary Series – a dynamic and energetic, structured sequence of postures practiced with focused breathing techniques.  Expect a series of sun salutations, a series of standing poses done on each side and finished with a set of inversions and seated poses. Designed to specifically align the body and strengthen the nervous system, while cultivating a feeling of inner peace and leading to a natural state of meditation. Suitable for all levels.


Restoration is essential in any physical practice. In Restorative yoga, the ‘rest and digest’ part of the nervous system is activated and the body and mind are given permission to relax and recover. Largely based on the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar, this yoga is used to ground and centre by gentle movements, passive stretching and postures. This class will help you to become more flexible, calm a restless mind and reduce pain when practiced regularly. Typically, we hold a posture around 5 minutes using blocks, bolsters blankets and straps to ensure a comforted and supported body. You will feel a subtle yet clear opening in the area being stretched.


A modified version of Vinyasa Flow with the element of time, it allows the practitioner to; evaluate and modify the body, mind and breath; and feel into a pose while practicing. While transiting from one pose to another, the form gives you time to engage with the senses and body mentally, thus limiting the chances of injury. There are sequences in this class where you will move from one asana (posture) to another with the breath and there will be slower sections of the class where you will hold the asanas for longer. Soulful Flow classes are an embodiment practice to help you feel the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga class. Suitable for complete beginners and all levels.


Amazing benefits are gained for stress relief and cardiovascular care when using a chair to support the body in various positions such as balance poses and mild inversions. Breathing techniques are provided in depth. This practice is especially helpful for students who have a challenging time moving quickly from the floor to standing, for yoga beginners and particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries. The body has incredible regenerative powers and even after a short time of practising gentle postures, we can sleep better, feel rejuvenated and energised. For all levels of learning.


We offer mothers-to-be a uniquely nourishing, quiet, place to focus inward and bond with your growing baby, while strengthening the body and utilising the breath to prepare for birth. Research shows significant benefits of participating in prenatal yoga including: increased comfort, decrease in premature births and improved overall health for both mum and baby. With a range of holistic yoga techniques (not just the postures) that enhances a woman’s emotional, psychic and physical experience of pregnancy as a preparation for motherhood, these classes offer you time to be comfortable with the changes in your body and bond with other expectant mothers. Suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have prior yoga experience.  Mothers-to-be can participate from as early as 14 weeks or as late in pregnancy as desired, depending on comfort level. Jenny also offers private prenatal sessions to couples for both mother and partner.


Becoming a new parent is hard, mentally and physically, so this baby friendly yoga class (yes you can attend together) focusses on breath and relaxation as well as stretching, strengthening and rebalancing your whole body. Understanding the deep emotional journey towards birth, motherhood and the period of postnatal recovery, this healing class will guide new mums to reconnect to their body and mind as well as safely strengthen the abdominal wall, core and lower back and release tension in the upper body. If your baby cries or needs to feed, please feel free to do what you need to do in these sessions, we want everyone to feel comfortable.  Classes suitable for women following a satisfactory 6 or 8 week postnatal doctor check-up.


Our Pilates class is suitable for all abilities as we teach from the ground upwards and offer modifications where needed too. Pilates uses the body & the mind and requires a good level of concentration, which allows us to switch off from the outside world during our practice. Breath work forms part of the focus of our class, enabling us to enhance the effectiveness of each exercise, diffuse tension, and support relaxation. With regular practice you will become more in tune with your body, have better alignment, control, and flow of movement.  Posture will improve and muscles will become stronger and leaner, along with better joint mobility & flexibility.


Refresh and revitalise with Power Flow.  A challenging, but accessible, class that will develop your strength, deepen your flexibility and unite your body and mind.  We will work on building a strong core and a stable foundation, establishing the skills to allow you to deepen your asanas over time.  Different variations will be offered so you can work at your own pace.  The flow will close with soothing breathing exercises and a gentle meditation, allowing you to drift into a blissful, deep savasana.  This class will be accompanied by energising essential oils.


A class utilising passive/active and dynamic movement to build whole body strength and muscle conditioning. Using a yoga based warm up followed by mobility exercises to loosen and strengthen the joints and muscles – work at your own level and pace to gradually improve strength, mobility, balance and flexibility.  Led by Neil who has over 30 years personal training and endurance training experience…you’re in safe hands!


In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy, quality time together. No mobile phones, no iPads or TV, no other duties…it’s just you and your children. These classes are a unique opportunity for parents to build strong family connections – this includes parents, sons, daughters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and carers. The 45 minute weekly class will help reduce stress and gain strength and flexibility, with fun, flowing sequences to warm up the body, followed by long-held restorative yoga postures. There will also be breathwork, relaxation techniques and short meditations.

Physical benefits • Develops good posture • Supports growing bodies and tones and strengthens the body • Stabilises core muscles and maintains joint mobility • Supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems • Prevents injury • Improves co-ordination and balance.

mental + emotional benefits • Improves self-confidence • Helps to develop a positive body image • Releases day-to-day anxieties such as separation issues, lethargy and feelings of negativity • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body how to relax.


There are different levels of intensity and complexity and it is important that you choose the right level to take care of your body, and to get the most out of the class.

All yoga classes begin with a centering and a short meditation. After this the asanas (poses) follow, and the sequence is completed with asanas that cool the body and the mind down. Finally we end the classes with deep relaxation, savasana (resting pose).

In some of the classes there is music, in others a little bit of chanting or a reading to set an intention.


Beginners and all levels can attend this class, and even the experienced student can find challenges by going deeper into the principals of the poses. On this level all the asanas are explained in detail and adjustments are made.

There is a focus on working with technique, basic poses, strength and flexibility as build up to level 2 classes.


Level 2 is for the intermediate student who is expected to have knowledge of the different poses. Less time is spent on explanations and the techniques behind the poses, instead the classes are infused with philosophy and breathing exercises.

Whatever level you are at, the teacher will strive to support, guide and inspire you from there – towards growth.