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Breathe With Me

This 2.5 hr workshop will  take you on a journey through the breath and into the body, where you’ll experience release, bliss and a deep sense of pece.

So often we live in our heads, either avoiding or craving specific emotions and states, and this ultimately leads to disconnection, anxiety and suffering within ourselves.

In this session, Matt will guide you through a sensory journey, where you’ll experience, connect, feel and ultimately understand more about how we interpret sensations, and how we can manage them in day to day life.

Gong Bath

Each month, we share a beautiful reconnecting guided meditation and Gong Soundbath,  which will leave you feeling  recentred, connected and nourished.

High quality gongs produce sounds waves to release tensions in the body & mind, strengthen the nervous systems and creates physical shifts by lowering blood pressure & the stress hormone cortisol. Facilitating an altered state of consciousness (ASC) to improve self-awareness, reduces stress & creates a deep sense of peace & wellbeing. Sound therapy/immersions are especially helpful for people who struggle to “switch off” or meditate as the trajectory of sounds induce states of profound physical relaxation.

If you struggle to meditate then this is for you. Meditation helps us to cope with stress, reduces the pain reflex and changes the way we perceive the world around us. This can take us from an anxious state to one of more grounded calmness.


Come dressed for comfort and bring a blanket or duvet, a pillow and eye mask if required. It can get cold when you are lying still. Also some water to keep you hydrated.

Please note this session is not suitable for:

*first trimester pregnancy

Caution with:

* metal implants
*Third trimester pregnancy