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Being Happy is the most important thing in our life, but not always do we know how to get there. With the help of a Personal Life Coach, you can take charge of your life, grow confidence, breakdown barriers and step into what you have always wanted for yourself! It is that simple. As human beings we can carry unnecessary confusion and stress that create a block or create a “stuck” feeling, asking ourselves “What’s going on with my life?” or “What do I do next?”

A Personal Life Coach can help you:

  • Change or develop a career
  • Achieve a goal or ambition
  • Become much more focused
  • Regain control in your life
  • Improve balance in work and personal life
  • Replace frustrations with clear plans of action
  • Be positive even when things seem too difficult
  • Feel calm and relaxed even when you have tasks that still need to be done
  • Become more accountable
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Improve health & wellbeing
  • Reduce stress

Put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve performance or lifestyle and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. While there are many different models of coaching, we are not considering the ‘coach as expert’ but instead, the coach as a facilitator for learning. There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them to learn.

A personal life coach will help remove your limitations and push you into places you never thought possible. It can change your belief system and make the impossible – Possible!

A personal life coach will guide you to utilise your time in a more effective manner. Enabling you to deliver results in a more timely fashion. Often you will waste money going in a different direction that you did not need to. A coach will help direct you to your purpose/goal and will help you understand You and develop both strengths and weaknesses for you to become a more focused and positive individual.

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At Optimum You Yoga & Wellness we believe wellness is about the essentials – mind, body, and spirit. We find our optimal state of health through a balanced approach. Whether you are looking to refine your yoga practice, enhance athletic performance, heal an injury or learn how to modify a practice while healing from injury, cure insomnia, improve nutritional habits or mend a broken heart, we’re here for you.

Our experienced team of body workers and experts will work 1x1 with you and zero in on your goals based on your needs. In a private setting, we’ll guide and motivate you through a holistic program. Some of our offerings in addition to yoga include, yoga therapy, health or performance coaching, meditation, stress management, sports rehabilitation and Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises (or TRE®).

We are passionate about your well-being. Since we know that means something different for everyone, we tailor our approach to you.

Let us help you be the Optimum You.

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