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We are delighted to host Lucy Vann-Patrick who will run Weekend hypnobirthing courses at Optimum You Studio as well as Pregnancy Relaxation & Birth Prep classes.

Please contact Lucy direct if you have any questions or need more information on how to book.

Face-To-Face Hypnobirthing Course

Are you an expectant parent looking for a calm and empowering birthing experience? Join this Face-to-Face Hypnobirthing course and learn effective techniques to help you achieve just that!

Lucy is an experienced and certified hypnobirthing instructor who will guide you through relaxation and breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and positive affirmations. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the birthing process (the science bit) and learn how to release fear and tension, promoting informed choices for however you choose to birth your baby.

The course is presented in 2 sessions and costs £225:

Lesson One and Two: 2nd March 12:30-6pm

Lesson Three and Four: 3rd March 12:30- 6pm

What you will learn throughout the full course:

  • Over 12 hours of evidence-based birth and postnatal education
  • The biology of birth (the science of birth and your birth hormones)
  • How to feel positive about birth
  • How to write a birth plan and what to include
  • What you want your birth to look like, looking at your birthing preferences.
  • Birthing Positions
  • How birth partners play a key role and how to support during labour.
  • How to prepare your body for labour
  • Your pregnancy & birth rights
  • Advocacy tips, risk and how to make an informed decision.
  • Inductions and interventions: what they are and how to make it a positive experience for you and your partner.
  • Hypnobirthing and breathing techniques to support you from pregnancy to birth and beyond.
  • The Journey of Labour, birth and beyond

All this plus a few extras…. All for £225!

Want to know more?  Then join a FREE hypnobirthing class session:


  • 11th February 6.30pm
  • 25th February 7.30pm

Or there are online classes available.

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

This 6-week block of Pregnancy Relaxation & Birth Prep classes focuses on connecting you and your baby as well as practising hypnobirthing techniques for a confident birth.

Discover the calmness within and prepare for a magical birthing experience with our weekly Birth Prep and Pregnancy Relaxation Class. Join Lucy as she guides you on a transformative journey, empowering you with hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques and the knowledge to approach labour confidently and calmly.

Soothing relaxations, breathing exercises, and visualisation practices, all designed to connect with your baby will unleash your inner strength, uplift and inspire you.

Step into each week of birth prep & relaxation knowing that you’re taking the essential steps towards a beautiful and empowering birth. Let us be your trusted companions on this incredible journey, helping you embrace the joy of pregnancy and prepare for your best birth, unlocking the pathway to the birthing experience that you and your baby deserve.

Classes are 7-8pm on these dates:

  • 9th February 7-8pm
  • 16th February 7-8pm
  • 23rd February 7-8pm
  • 1st March 7-8pm
  • 8th March 7-8pm

Sessions are £10 each or £50 if you book 5 sessions.