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Our vibrant community of yoga teachers are all highly trained, passionate about what they do and very experienced. They are dedicated to providing you the best instruction and inspiration. By building on your strengths, our teachers help you reach the Optimum You in a learning environment that is positive, inspiring and engaging.  All of our teacher are unique in their own style and are encouraged to bring their unique personality to every class. Most play music, a couple don’t.  All strive to make your yoga experience safe, fun and unique.


It was sheer curiosity that lured Kate to her first yoga class back in 2005. Over time she started to notice subtle changes in her body and began to feel more integrated with herself and the world around her.  In 2014 Kate decided to take her 200hr teacher training and never looked back. She sees it as a great honour to be able to share even just a fraction of what this vast and ancient system of knowledge can offer.

Her teaching is very much centred around the aspects of pragmatic self-observation and exploration, with a huge emphasis on the power of the breath and tuning in to the body’s own inner intelligence to better understand the interconnection between everything.  Kate’s yogic background comes from the Hatha-based lineage of the great yogi and healer Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V. Desikachar, who really emphasised the importance of adapting the practice to suit each individual and their present circumstances. She therefore hopes to create and hold a space that encourages people to delve a little deeper into themselves without any pressure or judgement, and with a sense of curiosity and play. We are after all, energetic beings and energy is all about transformation from one state to another.


Kate’s yoga journey first began by going to a couple of classes at the gym for the physical benefits, but soon found there was so much more to the practice, quickly becoming something she could not go without! Six years later in 2017 ,Kate completed her 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Bali with Santosha Yoga Institute and has taught around the world in Sri Lanka, Central America and the French Alps in surf camps, eco lodges and retreats. Kate’s favourite style of yoga is Yin, and becoming more and more drawn to the meditative side of yoga, she completed her Yin and Meditation Teacher Training in 2019 with Sarah Lo to deepen her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and to be able to share her love of this style with others.

As a psychology graduate, Kate believes in the healing power of yoga and meditation to many of modern society’s issues such as stress and anxiety; and hopes to help others find a safe space to reconnect with their mind and body. Kate has a compassionate and down to earth approach, encouraging students to tune in to their bodies; focusing on how the poses feel physically and energetically. In addition to yoga, Kate enjoys surfing, hiking, and generally being active in the great outdoors.


Kerry discovered yoga during professional dance training in the early 90s. With her first exposure to somatic-based systems, such as Feldenkrais and the Alexander technique, Kerry soon realised the connection between body and mind. Yoga became a transformative practice that changed the direction of her life, leading her to want to share her knowledge and yoga practice today. Kerry undertook a comprehensive two-year, 390-hour teacher training at Triyoga London, delving deep into yoga asana, anatomy and philosophy and more recently an in-depth Restorative Yoga training. As well as leading her own classes, Kerry mentors new yoga teachers for Triyoga’s 2019-2021 teacher training program.

It is Kerry’s belief that yoga can benefit everyone. Her aim is to provide safe, accessible classes for people to grow, heal and learn. Her classes are grounded in precision and clarity, using alignment as a framework to facilitate students’ understanding of the body’s anatomy. Kerry uses breath to explore the body/mind connection, holding a safe space for self-discovery and acceptance. Outside the yoga studio, Kerry loves being within nature. She is an animal lover and enjoys all outdoors adventures.


After finally taking the recommendation of a close friend, Holly stepped into her first yoga class 5 years ago. Over time, she began to notice increasing changes in herself not just physically but also mentally. Holly’s love for yoga grew quickly and deeply as she began immersing herself in all things yoga; attending yoga and breathwork workshops, retreat days and experiencing many different styles of yoga.  Holly’s passion for yoga and new found self-belief led her to pursue her dream and has recently completed a year-long 200 hr yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow with Yoga London.

Holly’s classes play emphasis on working the body physically through vinyasa flow whilst also creating a sense of relaxation. Holly believes the practise of yoga allows you to explore, connect and access a deep state of peace, clarity and calmness, reminding you of who you really are – your ‘true self’.  Holly especially enjoys ending her class with a guided meditation or visualisation, giving her students that extra little bit of relaxationIn her spare time, you can find Holly participating in a yoga class, or spending time with her many pets.


An experienced joiner by trade, father of three Ross stepped into his first yoga class 13 years ago with the aim to become more flexible and to find a balance to his extreme kickboxing training.  In 2011 Ross won a National Championship title within the British Chinese Kickboxing Association but soon after found himself more and more connected to his Ashtanga yoga practice and meditation.  Keen to deepen his own knowledge and share his love and the benefits of a regular yoga practice, Ross took the leap and changed his career in early 2018 by completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training followed by a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. Ross’ in-depth knowledge of the body, from nearly twenty years of intensive physical training, combined with his compassionate approach to each individual person he meets, are the perfect combination for novices or more experienced students. He’s since been teaching private classes and teaching yoga to children in local schools.

Ross’ yoga classes are a mix of relaxation and breathing techniques, vinyasa (linking postures together into a continuous flow of yoga), finished with a guided meditation at the end.  For Ross, your yoga practice does not stop when you leave his class; it is where your own personal yoga journey begins.

Karmi Yogi Programme

Share Your Good Vibes and Get Free Yoga

Our Karmi Yogi Energy Exchange program gives students the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice, regardless of their financial situation.

Karmi Yogi’s are an integral part of our studio family – their passion and dedication is what makes our community special. In exchange for working 4 hours per week cleaning and supporting the studio, Karmi Yogi’s will receive unlimited yoga and lots of other perks!

Want to become a bigger part of our community in exchange for free yoga? Have 4 hours a week to spare? Our Karmi Yogi Energy Exchange program is for you!

To apply or if you know someone who would like to be considered, simply contact us at