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Live Stream Online Classes

Not tried a live stream class yet? Don’t worry! We’ll look after you. We’ve put together a guide to ease you in.

What’s the tech?

We’re using Zoom (rather than youtube, Instagram or FB) so that we can see your lovely faces. And more importantly, so we can make the classes as real as possible and give you guys personal assists and directions throughout.

Video On or Off?

If you leave it on, it will only be the teachers watching you to help out with poses and alignment. At the start of class, we’ll switch to speaker view, so you’re just seeing the teacher. If you’d prefer to turn your camera off (or don’t have one!) that’s totally fine too. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.


Don’t worry about kids. Cats, puppies, partners, Amazon delivery… make as much noise as you want! You’ll be on mute for the class. You can unmute yourself and the start and the end if you have a question or want to chat.

Props and mats?

No props, no problems. Make use of books or Tupperware boxes in place of yoga blocks, dressing gown tie instead of yoga strap and cushions or a pillow rolled up in a towel instead of bolsters. A yoga mat is a good idea (you can get by without, but it’s better with!). We have mats and props for sale from our studio, so email if you’d like to buy some. Free delivery to Harborough.


For some classes, the teacher will send you a Spotify playlist when you join the class. You can play music for the class, if you’d like, on another device. You’ll be on mute, so don’t worry if you want to use your own music or none at all. Some classes will be taught without music.